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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


BLUElab is a staunch advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our organization and the University of Michigan community. We have developed a diversity, equity, and inclusion plan to improve upon our culture of inclusive leadership, collaborative design, equitable access to opportunity, and meaningful, intentional relationships with our community partners.

We have developed 4 key goals in pursuit of our ideal BLUElab culture, community, and practice:

Improve understanding of inclusive leadership practices among BLUElab membership and leadership in order to improve organizational culture with regards to inclusion.

Develop an organizational culture that supports all members and promotes intercultural competence within teams and cognizance of equity and inclusion in interacting with community partners.

Ensure that incidents of discrimination and bias are documented and addressed in order to create a culture of accountability and address concerns surrounding inclusion.

Allow all members equal access and opportunity to benefit from events, opportunities, and skills available through BLUElab and BLUElab project teams in order to provide equitable support to all members and to a diverse cross section of the University population.

We recognize that achieving these goals will be a long and complex process. We hope that you are willing to join us on this journey.

You can read the entirety of the BLUElab DE&I Plan here.

If you have any feedback on the plan you would like to communicate, you can do so here, or by contacting

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